What are Website Statistics?

The Website Statistics feature of Content Management System opens a report of all the traffic on your website for a particular month. The statistics are updated every night, so the information is always acurate to the day before. If you are viewing the current month, the numbers indicate the amount so far, for this month.

At the top of the report is a filter that allows you to select a previous month's and/or year's report (1).

In the left column there is a Table of Contents allowing you to skip down to a particular section of information (2). 



"How many people visited my site?" This is a question that everyone wants to know and there are three key numbers that you can look at to find out. The first section of the report is the monthly Summary (3). Each number is explained in detail, and these definitions carry throughout the report.

  • Unique Visitors - This number tells us how many individual computers connected your site during a given time period. It is usually the best measure of how many people visited your site. Keep in mind however that if multiple people visit your site from the same computer then it will still only count once. Also one person could access your site from multiple computers and be counted multiple times.
  • Number of Visits - Whenever a person opens your site in their browser it is called a visit. No matter how many pages the person visits while at your site it still only counts as one visit. However, if someone goes to your site closes their browser and then comes back later in the day it will count as two visits.
  • Pages - Simply put, this is the number of times a page of your site has been accessed. This is the most concrete of these three statistics. Every time a page is accessed it counts as a page view. If a person clicks on the refresh button while viewing a page it will count as a second page view.
  • Hit - A hit occurs any time a web browser requests information from a web server.* For example if you visit a page with three pictures on it your browser will request the actual page and the three pictures for a total of four hits.
  • Bandwidth - This is a measure of how much information users have downloaded from your site.* This number will be higher if your site has multimedia files on it.

*Hits and bandwidth are poor judges of website activity compared to unique users, visits and page views.

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