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What is interactivity? Simply put, interactivity is the dialog that occurs between a human being and a computer program. Games are usually the most common example of interactivity. On the world wide web, you not only interact with the browser but also with the pages that the browser brings to you. This includes displayed images, text, motion video sequences, and sounds.

Speaking of images and motion video sequences, with the Content Management System®, one of the easiest ways to add interactivity is with our new Flash Photo Gallery. Don't you just hate going to a website that takes forever to load? Picture a page on your site with hundreds of pictures on it from the past years events. You go to this page and wait... and wait.... and wait... until the last picture finally loads. Then you click on a thumbnail to see the image, but it tries to open a new window. Now you have to adjust your popup blocker and reload the page... and all the images. By this time, you most likely would have left the website and gone on to something else. Now you can have them all in a slide show, rotating through all of the images one by one, giving your site some life.

Features of the flash photo gallery:

  • Upload an unlimited amount of images
  • the Content Management System® will resize the images for you to display correctly
  • Sort with ease using our drag and drop feature
  • Give your image some description by adding a title
  • Choose between two color choices (black and chrome)
  • Select the size you need (small, medium and large)

Excited about this new feature? Well there's more to come! In an upcoming release, we are extending what the photo gallery can do. You will be able merge all of your photo galleries into one and separate them into categories.

With our new Flash photo gallery, avoid popups and add that little something to the user experience with some animation.

Here's how you use the photo gallery.

  1. Login to your website (http://www.yourdomain.com/login)
  2. Under "Add Items" select "Flash Photo Gallery"
  3. Enter a Header
  4. Select your Theme (black or chrome)
  5. Choose your Size (small, medium or large)
  6. Add your images (click "Add Slide" to add more images)
  7. Click Save
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