The header images are not rotating or displaying.

If your header images not displaying or rotating, check the following items.

The first thing you should try is to re-save the images in Page Content. Click on Page Properties then Page Content, verify that all of the images are listed, and click Save.

Sometimes these images are pulled from temporary files that your browser stores, so you should also clear your cache and reload the page.

If that doesn't work, verify that the images are at the recommended size for your header. If you are uploading a very large image for a small picture area, the image may be cut off so it appears that there is no image uploaded, but there actually is. If you do not know the recommended size for the pictures, there are several tools that will help you measure it, such as the MeasureIt AddOn for Firefox. If you have the original images that were uploaded to the event box, you could also look at those dimensions.

If you see a static image and the images are not rotating in your header, you may have Flash disabled on your browser. You will need to re-enable flash, clear your cache, and reload the page.

My content in the second column is being moved below the content in the first column.

This ususally occurs when the column widths do not equal 100%. Click on Page Properties, then Layout. Verify that all of your columns total 100%.

This can also happen if there is a content box that includes text that has been copied from Microsoft Office. When text is copied from Microsoft Office, it also copies hidden code that is not HTML. When the text is placed in the content box, it does not know how to recognize the Microsoft Office code and it can cause your page to display incorrectly. To resolve this issue, you can still copy from Microsoft Office, but you will need to paste it into a plain text editor, such as Notepad, to remove the additional code. You can then copy and paste the text from Notepad into the content box.

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