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This program is available for both Mac and PC/Windows. This program is the easiest and most versatile application for converting video files for use on the web. Quicktime is inexpensive and can be used in conjunction with other video programs such as Final Cut Pro. Download Quicktime Pro for $29.99 from the Apple online store here for Mac or here for PC/Widnows. This is highly recommended as the standard web compression program we suggest you use. Below is a tutorial on how to compress a Quicktime file for use on the web with the quality standards listed above.

First, open your Quicktime movie file in Quicktime Pro. Go to the top menu and choose File > Export.

This will pull up an administration window. Choose the "Use: Broadband - High" option from the second dropdown menu.

Click the Options... button to bring up another administration window.

From here we will be clicking on the Size... button to set our video pixel dimensions and then clicking the Settings... button to set our video quality and compression type. First, click on Size... to bring up the size options.

Within this window, you can type in the specific pixel dimensions for your video. Set it to 640x360 for 16:9 aspect ratio or 480x360 for 4:3 aspect ratio. For scaling a video from 16:9 aspect to 4:3 aspect, check the preserve aspect ratio using Crop. When you have set the right pixel dimensions, click OK.

When back at the Options menu, click the Settings... button. From this window, set the Data Rate at the upper right to Automatic.

Then slide the Compressor setting in the lower left to Medium Quality. Click OK.

Click OK in the Options window, then click Save when you are back at the original administration menu to start compressing your movie for web.

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