Page Properties

The Page Properties section includes information on how to edit, manage, and organize your pages. Every page has unique properties that can be individually set. These include basic information like page titles to advanced marterial such as Javascript and CSS. You can also set the layout, edit the Page Content, and Sort Content.

To edit Page Properties, navigate to the page you want to edit and select Page Properties in the Perpetua Toolbar. 

Page Properties Topics

Basic Page Properties

Basic Page Properties allow you to name, relocate, hide, or password protect pages. To find out more, visit Basic Page Properties

Advanced Page Properties

Advanced Page Properties gives you access for technical editing. This includes setting permalinks, page aliases, and adding Javascript or CSS to the page. To learn more, visit Advanced Page Properties.  

Page Layout/Sorting Content

In Page Layout, you have the freedom to organize your website in columns. Sort Content allows you to move your content between these columns. 

Page Content

Some pages of your website may have elements that are highly integrated into the design of the page. Page Content lets you edit these areas of the page without disrupting the design. To see more, visit Page Content

Sorting Subpages 

Page order matters. It can highlight an important page or it can give visitors a sense of direction. To sort Subpages, see Sorting Subpages.

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