Images are often more exciting and more effective in communicating than large blocks of text. Perpetua CMS offers several options to display images in the form of photo galleries, image rotators, light boxes, and simple static images. 

Images Topics

Images in Content Boxes

Along with editing text, the Content Box allows you to add images to your website. To learn more about how to add images in content boxes,  see Image Manager

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries enable dynamic image presentations on your website. There are several types of galleries to choose from, each with unique features and displays. To see the types of Galleries to choose from,  see Photo Galleries

Event Boxes and Site Wide Event Boxes

Event Boxes are image rotators that keep your visitors up to date with your organization's latest information. They are a fixed size and specifically designed for your brand. To find out more, see Event Box

Image Rotators 

Like Event Boxes, Image Rotators are typically located on your homepage highlighting your organization's most important information. They are a fixed size and unique to your website. To see more, visit Image Rotator

Resizing Images

To most effectively use images on your website, you will need to learn how to re-size images. There are several free and easy methods to do this. See Resizing Images to find out how. 

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