We are here to help

Learning how to manage a new website may seem daunting, but we are here to help. In the Getting Started section, you will find Walkthroughs for new websites or custom features and design tips. These pages will help lay a foundation for using Perpetua CMS and making the most of your website. 

If you require personal assistance, our Web Support team is available at 888-320-5278 x261 or at [email protected]

Quick Reference

Site Management contains all the essential settings for managing your website. 
Page Properties lets you manage individual pages for complete customization.
Add Content is a list of the many Perpetua CMS modules that can be added to your pages.
Sort Content allows you to organize your page's content.
Help is for when you need assistance or have an idea for a custom feature.
Logout signs a user out of the Perpetua Toolbar to keep your website secure. 

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