Site Management

Site Management is the overarching control of your website. From this menu you can set default styles, organize pages, and add administrative users. Continue reading below to see the full range of settings and options in the Site Management menu. 

Site Management Topics

Site Definitions

In Site Definitions you can set a Description and Tags for your website. This helps your website's search engine ranking and helps visitors actually find your website. See Site Definitions to learn more. 

Editing Styles

Every module of your website allows you to set Header and Body styles which include font size, colors, background colors, and many more. To learn how to set a site-wide default for these styles, see Editing Styles

Page Aliases

Page Aliases allow you to set multiple paths to a specific page of your website. These are helpful for promotional links, forwarding or redirects, and more. Page Aliases can be set in the Advanced Page Properties on a page, or can be set globally in the Page Aliases menu. Click Page Aliases to find out more. 

Adding Pages

Creating new pages in Perpetua CMS is simple. To learn more click Adding Pages

Sorting Pages 

Organizing your pages effectively can help your visitors find the right information quickly and easily. To find out more, see Sorting Pages.

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