On2 Flix Standard

This is the best quality program for a low-cost ($39) Flash Video (.flv) video encoder. It can be downloaded from the On2 website here

First, Export your source file from your video editing program such as Final Cut. Then open import your source file by clicking on the folder next the the "Input" area.

Then click on the Audio tab and change the sampling rate to 44100 Hz. You can keep it as 22050 Hz if you want a smaller file size but we have found the audio quality to not be very good.

Next, click on the video tab and change the output dimensions to be the standard for your web video. Most likely this will be 640 x 360 for 16:9 aspect and 480 x 360 for 4:3 aspect. Also, click the Source button in the framerate options section to make sure your framerate is the same as your source video (probably 29.970). Then, change the Maximum bitrate to be 1000 kbps. We have found that there is not much difference in the file size between the 512 kbps standard and 1000 kbps and the 1000 kbps will produce a very good video quality. Finally, change the Rate Control Mode to be CBR (streaming).

Go back to the File tab and click on the Encode button to start your encoding process.

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