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At Artistry Labs, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional experiences with all of our web technologies and the support we provide for you. Due to our current email service provider not meeting our high standards of excellence, we are ending our email hosting services. This discontinuation is being done in phases, and your email administrator(s) will receive an email with this information. When they do, we will be giving you a full 60 days to change/migrate your email to another hosting provider. At that time Artistry Labs will no longer provide email hosting services with our current provider and your account will be closed. This means your custom email address (storage, mailboxes, contacts) will no longer be accessible.

We are excited to share two things that will be helpful in your transition to a better email experience for you and your organization!

1. Through thorough testing and seeing other clients have much success, we recommend migrating your email hosting to either Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 as your new email hosting provider.

2. We would like to give you one month of free hosting to support you in this transition period. It is our honor to partner with your organization, and we want to make sure this migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Below are informational links for these providers' services. However, you will find the most success connecting with Google or Microsoft directly if you have any questions related to the migration onto their platforms.

As always, we are here to support for all questions related to your website, however, you will find the most success connecting with Google or Microsoft directly if you have any questions related to the migration onto their platforms. Here Are some resources to help get you started.

What migration tool works best for my business?



What products are available to me?
We leave this up to you. Some of our clients have had success with the following:

Google Workspace:

Microsoft Office 365:

Rackspace Email:

Can you help me with or complete my migration for me?
Unfortunately, we are not able to help with email migrations to another platform. Please reach out to their respective support teams as they will be equipped to help you the best. The only exception is if you will be moving your email to your own Rackspace Email account. In this case, once your new account is setup, we can transfer your organization from our Rackspace account to yours.

Can you help change our Rackspace DNS records?
Yes! We can get your new host verified by adding TXT records or changing any DNS records with Rackspace. Just reach out to [email protected] with exactly what records you want added or removed.

Can you export our mailboxes?
Unfortunately, Rackspace does not offer this service and will suggest that you export these files using a mail client like Outlook.

What are my individual mailbox settings?
Please go to and log in using your Rackspace email to access individual mailbox settings.




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