Domain Transfers: Both Email and Website

In order to transfer both your email and website to Artistry Labs, you will need to follow these steps.

To Transfer Email:

  1. Send a full list of all email addresses and corresponding passwords to Artistry Labs. (You should have already done this when your purchased your new website.)
  2. Communicate with Artistry Labs the date you would like to transfer control of your email and website to Artistry.
  3. Artistry will have your email setup and ready for the transfer. When it does occur, you will change a few settings in Outlook or Outlook Express and begin checking from Artistry Labs.
  4. (Note: Transferring email and a website is a two-step process. You will make the change after consulting with Artistry and then wait for 24-36 hours. After that time period you will make the changes necessary in Outlook.)
  5. Finally, once you have everything for both email and the website ready, you will transfer your NS Records at your Registrar to point to:


To Transfer Website

Please communicate to Artistry that you would like your new site to be placed on a staging site. This will allow for your new website to be created at a temporary location so you can enter all content before it goes live. When you are ready for your new site to go live, tell Artistry that you are ready and then login to your Registrar to point your nameservers NS records to:


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