Personal Walkthrough

We offer personal walkthroughs for any new websites, mobile websites, custom features, or even a refresh of Perpetua. Personal walkthroughs are guided by our technical support team and involve a 1-2 hour phone call. Here, you can interact with our team and ask questions specific to your needs. To schedule a walkthrough, please follow the instructions below. 

Step 1. Availability

The first step is to find a time for us to schedule your walkthrough. Below is a calendar of our current availability. Take a look and note a few times that you can be available. Please allow 1-2 hours during the time slot available. Our preferred times are 10am and 2pm CST.

Available time slots will be designated as "Available." If there are no open slots for the current week, please click the right arrow to browse upcoming weeks. 

Step 2. Information

Now that you have found some available times, we need some information.  The form below will provide us with the information needed to most effectively train you in Perpetua CMS. After submitting, our team will contact you to confirm times and information. 

Step 3. Walkthrough

After submitting the form above, we will contact you to confirm the information provided. 

To better your walkthrough experience, try writing down questions that you would like to ask during your walkthrough. Also, if there is a specific feature or task you would like to know more about, let us know during the walkthrough. 

If you need assistance, please contact support at or by calling 888-320-5278 x261. 

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