Downloadable Media

In some instance, you may want your visitors to be able to download your audio or video files to their own computer. There are two ways this can be done: the first is with a File Box and the second is with the Multimedia Box. Continue reading to find out how!

File Box Media

Visitors of your website can download your media via a File Box. To creat a File Box, go to Add Content in your Perpetua Toolbar and select File Box. Here you can designate the Link Text, Upload the File, and style the text accordingly.  For more information on File Boxes, Click Here.

You can also link to a media file in a Content Box by copying the link from the File Box into the Add/Edit Link window. Then, simply hide the File Box elsewhere on your site.

Multimedia Box

If you want visitors to be able to view and download your media from the same place, you can use the Multimedia Box. When editing your Multimedia Box, select the option that allows users to download your media. This will include a link below the media viewer. For more information on Multimedia Boxes, Click Here.

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