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Media Browsers are enabled for all Perpetua Media Platform subscribers. If you are interested in learning more, Click Here. 

The Media Browser is just one small part of the amazing Perpetua Media Platform. It also includes a Dashboard for managing files, a customizable Media Player, and even an iPhone App!

Adding/Editing a Media Browser

To add a Media Browser, click Add Content in the Perpetua Toolbar and select Media Browser. This will give you a screen with the following options:

Header: This allows you to set a Header or Title for the Media Browser. This is optional and can be left blank. 

Layout: There are four options for the Layout of your Media Browser. 

  • List View - List view displays each media file in its own box.  Each media file will be listed with its appropriate Title, Date, and Author.
  • Column View - Column view displays your media in an expandable column. It has an image, series name, date range of all media in the feed, and authors. When clicked, the column expands to display all the media files within the feed selected. 
  • Multi-Column View - Multi-column view arranges your Media Browser into 2 columns.
  • Series Flow - Series flow displays a window that scrolls right and left between your media.
Number of Files to Display: This setting allows you to set how many media files of a certain feed to display. You can Show All Files or specify a number to display. 

Manage Feeds: Here you can select a feed from your Media Dashboard or paste in a feed to display. 
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