Editing Text

Editing Text is mostly done within the Content Box. This can be added through the Perpetua Toolbar by clicking Add Content and selecting Content Box. If you already have a Content Box that you would like to edit, click the edit icon at the top right.

The Body Section

The Body section of the Content Box is packed with features and options for perfecting the layout and look of your text, images, and links. Each option is listed below from left to right. 

Bold, Italicize, and Underline text. 
Align Left, Center, Right, and Justify text.
Undo and Redo changes made. 
Paste Plain-Text and Paste for Microsoft Word. This takes all extra hidden code out of the text when pasting. Turn on before pasting. 
Inserts Horizontal Rule
Removes Formatting from text and Cleans Up "messy" or incorrect hidden code.
Creates a Bulleted List or a Numbered List
Decrease/Increase Indents or add a Block Quote
Insert an Image. See Images for more information.
Insert or Break (remove) Links or Add an Anchor. See Using Links or Using Anchors for more information. 
Edit the HTML used in the Content Box. See Editing HTML for more information. 
Insert Special Characters, Spell Check your text, or Toggle Full Screen Editing
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